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Reputable sources agree upwards of 20% of children are victimized, mostly by career offenders. And where’s a better place for a “professional liar” to hide than a school, youth group or church? Please read this and seriously consider it. If you’re thinking it can’t happen to your kids without your knowledge, you are wrong.

“THE FACT THAT A SEXUAL OFFENDER is not off-putting but might actually have lots of good qualities makes it very difficult to pinpoint one. … Offenders are professional liars—very skillful at what they do because they’ve done it for years. They’ve lied to everyone in their lives …”Pastor Tim Challies, (more…)


“The goal of Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict, was to keep this secret,” he said, flanked by photos of others who say they were abused and a poster of Ratzinger. “We need to know why he (the pope) did not let us know about him (Murphy) and why he didn’t let the police know about him and why he did not condemn him and why he did not take his collar away from him.” – Nicole Winfield, Associated Press (more…)