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HEBREW-SPEAKING JEWISH COLUMNIST STRAIGHTENS OUT Christian Bible-twisters who try to make Lev. 19:33 mean illegal aliens, and Strong’s Interlinear backs him up. The primary definition of “Ger” is “guest,” and the idea that the guest may also be a foreigner is only implied, not stated. ( When we know people, want them to visit us, and invite them over, those are guests. When we’ve never seen them before, they force their way in, and they refuse to leave when asked, well . . . the police have another name for that. – Daniel Greenfield, FrontPage Magazine (more…)


bill-nye-ken-ham  THE AGREED-UPON TOPIC for the 7 p.m. debate is “Is creation a viable     model of origins in today’s modern scientific world?” – Answers in Genesis    (more…)