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OBAMA WON’T ‘INTERFERE IN ISRAEL’S ELECTIONS’ BY MEETING NETANYAHU, BUT will interfere in Israel’s elections by sending his campaign manager to Israel to work against him. Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Lee Zeldin sent a letter demanding an explanation. – Phyllis Chesler, Israel National News (more…)


“We will not let the Jewish people and the State of Israel stand alone when the going gets tough.” – Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird

“I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” – U.S. President Barack Obama

“If Netanyahu can stand up against a tsunami of threats and intimidation, he’ll be the new leader of the free world.” – Pamela Geller

“EVERY TIME ISRAEL tries to be accommodating, it instead takes a step closer to the gallows. It allows the noose to be tightened around its neck. And every time that happens, it has to fight harder for air. . . . If a man threatens you with a gun, then you might think that you can buy him off. Until he returns again and again. And then it is no longer a threat, it is a process. Israel is in that process, or rather it is being processed. At the end of the process is death.” – Daniel Greenfield, Sultan Knish (more…)

The Muslims have Mecca and Medina for their holy sites, so why do they demand Jerusalem’s Temple Mount too? Erick Stakelbeck and his guest Charles Crismier explain. (10 min.) – The Watchman, CBN (more…)

ISRAEL’S NEW AMBASSADOR to America tells Erick Stakelbeck that Iran is developing is ICBMs to hit us with; says they don’t need them to hit Israel with because they already have missiles with that capability. Congress needs to pay attention! (4 min.) – Erick Stakelbeck, CBN News (more…)

“We will have nuclear power without restrictions.” – Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif

NOT FOR LONG YOU WON’T. Read Jeremiah 49:35:
“See, I will break the bow of Elam, the mainstay of their might.” Where is Elam today? Southwest Iran along the Persian Gulf where the Bushehr nuke plant and missile range are located, and they’re currently building a second plant there. On the functional level, what is a bow? A delivery system that fires projectiles.

Also, who is the flying goat from the West in Daniel 8 that Daniel saw in a vision AS HE STOOD in Elam? The first fulfillment clearly was Greece, but will there be a second fulfillment? The angel Gabriel also told Daniel: “Son of man, understand that the vision concerns THE TIME OF THE END,” (which was certainly not in 340 BC). Both the U.S. and Israel are to the West of Iran. Hmm-mm. An interesting possibility.

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God’s War on Terror

Posted: November 10, 2013 in Christianity, Islam, Israel, jihad

WALID SHOEBAT, now a longtime Christian and American citizen, recounts his amazing life story, from Palestinian terrorism to salvation in Jesus Christ. It’s long (1 hr 20 min.), but I couldn’t tear myself away. I’ve been following his blog for a long time but had no idea he was so eloquent.

God’s War on Terror – Walid Shoebat, YouTube more…