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COINCIDENCE? Both of them right in the heart of Biblical Elam! If the Iranians had first read Daniel 8 and Jeremiah 49 with their eerie descriptions of those seemingly nuclear attacks — and/or taken those prophecies seriously — they surely would have built their plants in a different location.




ISRAEL’S NEW AMBASSADOR to America tells Erick Stakelbeck that Iran is developing is ICBMs to hit us with; says they don’t need them to hit Israel with because they already have missiles with that capability. Congress needs to pay attention! (4 min.) – Erick Stakelbeck, CBN News (more…)

IN THE YEAR 628 CE, Muhammad (whose forces already controlled Medina) agreed to a 10-year truce with the pagan Quraysh tribe of Mecca, primarily because he realized that his forces were not strong enough to take the city at the time. Islamic doctrine in fact forbids Muslims from entering into a jihad or battle without the reasonable certainty of being able to prevail. In such cases, as with Muhammad, Muslims are permitted to enter into a temporary ceasefire or hudna, with the proviso that no such truce may exceed 10 years (because that’s the length of the agreement Muhammad signed). And so, Muhammad agreed to the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah. But just two years later, in 630 CE, now with some 10,000 fighters under his command, Muhammad broke the treaty and marched into Mecca. – Clare Lopez, Family Security Matters (more…)

If you wonder if he would ever bail you out if you became a political prisoner, you few O-Bots who are left, here is your answer.

ON THE NIGHT OF NOVEMBER 23, 2013, the President of the United States left an American pastor, Saeed Abedini, behind.

The “deal” with Iran announced tonight by President Obama, which allegedly halts “part” of Iran’s nuclear program, allows Iran to enrich uranium and allows it to maintain a nuclear program in exchange for an easing of sanctions and humanitarian relief.

It is outrageous that the Obama Administration commenced these negotiations and concluded them without the release of Pastor Saeed – a U.S. citizen. In fact, the Administration has just confirmed that he was not even part of the negotiations, stating that “The P5+1 talks focused exclusively on nuclear issues.” – Jordan Sekulow, ACLJ (more…)

“We will have nuclear power without restrictions.” – Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif

NOT FOR LONG YOU WON’T. Read Jeremiah 49:35:
“See, I will break the bow of Elam, the mainstay of their might.” Where is Elam today? Southwest Iran along the Persian Gulf where the Bushehr nuke plant and missile range are located, and they’re currently building a second plant there. On the functional level, what is a bow? A delivery system that fires projectiles.

Also, who is the flying goat from the West in Daniel 8 that Daniel saw in a vision AS HE STOOD in Elam? The first fulfillment clearly was Greece, but will there be a second fulfillment? The angel Gabriel also told Daniel: “Son of man, understand that the vision concerns THE TIME OF THE END,” (which was certainly not in 340 BC). Both the U.S. and Israel are to the West of Iran. Hmm-mm. An interesting possibility.

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“I heard that the persecution, my arrest and imprisonment has united churches from different denominations, from different cities and countries, that would never come together because of their differences,” Abedini wrote. “You don’t know how happy I was in the Lord …”Lisa Daftari, FoxNews (more…)

MANY PEOPLE THOUGHT HITLER’S WORDS were just words. They were wrong. If he’d had nuclear weapons, he would have used them. How is it possible to believe they do not mean what they say? – Shoshana Bryen, Gatestone Institute (more…)