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“THAT MUSLIM MAJORITY COUNTRIES HAVE NOT OPENED THEIR DOORS to these refugees is, I am confident, quite by design. This is about conquest. Otherwise known as Hijra, the Islamic doctrine of immigration. Hijra works in concert with violent jihad to overwhelm a society until Islam becomes the single dominant force.” – Carol Brown, American Thinker (more…)


“SUPPOSE AMERICA ELECTS A CHARISMATIC YOUNG PRESIDENT who makes all kinds of brave promises and sweeps into the White House. This young man not only has little political or governmental experience, but none at all in business or administration. Curiously, his upbringing is never closely examined or evaluated; it’s just assumed that anybody elected president must love America – but this young man had been trained by parents and others to consider this country a colonial oppressor and unfit to be a world leader!

“Once elected, he uses his newfound executive authority to seal off all his early school, passport and travel records, lest his true intents be uncovered. He eventually has a fake “copy of a birth certificate” created and exhibited on the White House website, complete with glaring errors that betray its falsehood. Somehow Congress seems mesmerized and intimidated from confronting him, so he creates a phalanx of legislative “czars” to regulate and virtually stifle all business and energy progress, and these “czars” – among them known Muslim and Marxist and homosexual activists – report not to Congress but directly to him!” – Pat Boone, WND (more…)


And why not? Because the U.S. government and the U.N. have determined that only those refugees “persecuted” by the Syrian government are worthy of resettlement in the U.S., and Syrian President Bashar Assad, whom Obama is trying to overthrow, is a Alawite and does not persecute Christians. – Joseph Farah, WND (more…)

“Well, Mr. President, the relationship in our constitutional republic between the president and the Congress is not the relationship between a parent and a child. … The president does not get to demand of Congress, ‘Here is the policy I want; either give me what I want, or I will decree it to be so and ignore the law,’” – Sen. Ted Cruz to Obama

I just love this guy’s pushiness – exactly what we need right now. PUSH, TED, PUSH! (more…)

“ON THE ONE HAND, it is illegal to hire an employee or independent contractor who is an illegal alien. … On the other hand, it is illegal to discriminate in the workplace based upon nationality, citizenship or immigration status. … Also, in the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ world of immigration policy, it is illegal to ask if a job applicant is legally present in the country.” – Larry Klayman, attorney representing Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arpaio v. Obama (14-cv-1966), WND (more…)

Of course, I’m sure it would NEVER occur to unscrupulous business owners to discontinue a job class and lay off current employees, and then hire illegals in their place to perform the same duties under a new job title. … So, essentially, this means American taxpayers will be forced to pay illegals $3,000 — to take their jobs away! And it’s all perfectly “legal”! This story has to be the Thanksgiving news drop of the century. Why are so few people thinking ahead enough to be upset about it?

THE LOOPHOLE WAS CONFIRMED by congressional aides and drew condemnation from those who said it put illegal immigrants ahead of Americans in the job market. – Stephen Dinan, The Washington Times (more…)

Some of us have suspected the latter for a long time. But when the ever-cautious Rush seriously considers the theory, it really takes on skin.

“… [I]T’S SURREAL, and it’s almost like a dream. Was Barack Obama speaking as president of the United States or was he speaking as the victorious leader of a foreign invasion?” – Rush Limbaugh, The Rush Limbaugh Show (more…)