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“I HAVE TO ASK MYSELF WHY 93 PERCENT of the “refugees” Democratic politicians in America are recruiting to the U.S. are Sunnis. It would be like recruiting Nazi “refugees” from Germany during World War II instead of Jews. The numbers of these so-called “refugees” from Syria are disproportionately Sunnis, even when considering the heavy percentage of the Sunni population there. What’s behind this madness?

“If we want to be a land of compassion to real refugees, I’m all for it. But that’s not the case here. We’re opening up American not to the victims, but to the oppressors. It’s not Sunnis who are being beheaded by ISIS. They represent the only group not being beheaded. … So one must ask, who are these Sunni “refugees”? And why are the U.S. and the U.N. clamoring to save them and from whom? And why is no one doing anything for the real refugees of Syria – the Christians and other minority groups who are facing extinction?” – Joseph Farah, WND (more…)