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“SUPPOSE AMERICA ELECTS A CHARISMATIC YOUNG PRESIDENT who makes all kinds of brave promises and sweeps into the White House. This young man not only has little political or governmental experience, but none at all in business or administration. Curiously, his upbringing is never closely examined or evaluated; it’s just assumed that anybody elected president must love America – but this young man had been trained by parents and others to consider this country a colonial oppressor and unfit to be a world leader!

“Once elected, he uses his newfound executive authority to seal off all his early school, passport and travel records, lest his true intents be uncovered. He eventually has a fake “copy of a birth certificate” created and exhibited on the White House website, complete with glaring errors that betray its falsehood. Somehow Congress seems mesmerized and intimidated from confronting him, so he creates a phalanx of legislative “czars” to regulate and virtually stifle all business and energy progress, and these “czars” – among them known Muslim and Marxist and homosexual activists – report not to Congress but directly to him!” – Pat Boone, WND (more…)


Some of us have suspected the latter for a long time. But when the ever-cautious Rush seriously considers the theory, it really takes on skin.

“… [I]T’S SURREAL, and it’s almost like a dream. Was Barack Obama speaking as president of the United States or was he speaking as the victorious leader of a foreign invasion?” – Rush Limbaugh, The Rush Limbaugh Show (more…)

IN CASE YOU THINK Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigation of Obama has died down, well it hasn’t. Here Cold Case Posse chief investigator Mike Zullo calls Pastor Carl Gallups and gives him the update on both ongoing investigations, the birth certificate fraud and the criminal. I wish it would come out before the election, but they want it complete and unassailable before holding their press conference. (Audio file, 17 minutes) – Carl Gallups, PP Simmons (more…)

DONALD TRUMP CLAIMS ON C-SPAN that he offered Obama $50 million for his favorite charity to show him his birth certificate, and Obama turned him down. (National Press Club video, 2 min.) – Bob Unruh, WND (more…)

So, Trump says, that means either: 1) he was born in Kenya, or 2) he lied on his college application to get foreign student aid he wasn’t entitled to. Either way, it’s fraud.

REMEMBER, THIS UNKNOWN, INEXPERIENCED, CHICAGO POLITICIAN only survived the primary against Hillary Clinton and the subsequent general election because the supposed watchdog media refused to do their jobs and investigate a résumé containing so many black holes and lack of substantiation that it would never have made it through the routine vetting required in the usual corporate hiring process.

What America didn’t know about young Barack far outweighed what we did know but the liberal media was far more consumed by the liberal dream of a Black president than they were by the possibility that he might not be qualified for the job.

Just how long will it be before some enterprising editor wakes up to the opportunity that his very own equivalent of the Pentagon Papers or Deep Throat/Watergate could be staring him right in the face? – Russ Vaughn, American Thinker (more…)

“Yesterday upon the stair I met a man who wasn’t there
He wasn’t there again today. Oh, how I wish he’d go away…” – Hughes Mearns

IT WAS A SMALL CLASS — about 700 students. The Political Science department was even smaller and closer-knit (maybe 150 students). No one ever met him. Even worse, no one even remembers seeing that unique memorable face. Think about this for a minute. Our classmate is President of the United States. Shouldn’t someone remember him? Or at least claim to remember him? – Wayne Allyn Root, The Blaze (more…)

WRITE YOUR BIOGRAPHY about being a confused half-black, half-white, three-quarters Hawaiian, one-eight Indonesian, six-fourths Chicagoan, nine-thirtieths Cherokee and four-fifths Jim Beam teenager looking to sort out a confusing identity. If you can’t be bothered to write it, outsource the project to a Caucasian radical terrorist, who, like you, comes from a wealthy family. If that one sells, write another one.

It doesn’t matter if it’s real or not, it shows that you are an outsider. Who but an outsider would write an entire book dealing with one’s own “outsiderness”? – Daniel Greenfield, Sultan Knish (more…)