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“THAT MUSLIM MAJORITY COUNTRIES HAVE NOT OPENED THEIR DOORS to these refugees is, I am confident, quite by design. This is about conquest. Otherwise known as Hijra, the Islamic doctrine of immigration. Hijra works in concert with violent jihad to overwhelm a society until Islam becomes the single dominant force.” – Carol Brown, American Thinker (more…)



And why not? Because the U.S. government and the U.N. have determined that only those refugees “persecuted” by the Syrian government are worthy of resettlement in the U.S., and Syrian President Bashar Assad, whom Obama is trying to overthrow, is a Alawite and does not persecute Christians. – Joseph Farah, WND (more…)

“Well, Mr. President, the relationship in our constitutional republic between the president and the Congress is not the relationship between a parent and a child. … The president does not get to demand of Congress, ‘Here is the policy I want; either give me what I want, or I will decree it to be so and ignore the law,’” – Sen. Ted Cruz to Obama

I just love this guy’s pushiness – exactly what we need right now. PUSH, TED, PUSH! (more…)

“ON THE ONE HAND, it is illegal to hire an employee or independent contractor who is an illegal alien. … On the other hand, it is illegal to discriminate in the workplace based upon nationality, citizenship or immigration status. … Also, in the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ world of immigration policy, it is illegal to ask if a job applicant is legally present in the country.” – Larry Klayman, attorney representing Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arpaio v. Obama (14-cv-1966), WND (more…)

Some of us have suspected the latter for a long time. But when the ever-cautious Rush seriously considers the theory, it really takes on skin.

“… [I]T’S SURREAL, and it’s almost like a dream. Was Barack Obama speaking as president of the United States or was he speaking as the victorious leader of a foreign invasion?” – Rush Limbaugh, The Rush Limbaugh Show (more…)

Well, here’s a preview of O’s “October surprise” (which won’t be announced until Nov): He’s ordering 11-34 MILLION green cards so he can import another 11-34 million diseased foreigners without the consent of Congress! Better not lose your job, because YOU will be expected to support them!
If we don’t win the midterm, America is over.

IT’S CLEAR THE PRESIDENT is thinking beyond this round of amnesty to something far more expansive. And until someone steps forward to block his way, he will almost certainly carry it out. – Rick Moran, American Thinker (more…)


1. Greetings, and welcome to the new, fundamentally transformed America. We are happy to have you here. For now, anyway.
(time passes)
2. Now, in your best baby babble, please remind your caregivers not to use disposable diapers, as they contribute to global warming and are an affront to Mother Earth. Beating cloth ones with wooden sticks in repurposed water is acceptable.
(time passes)
3. Also, please warn your progenitors not to repeat this scenario. We need all available space for our new global citizens who have chosen to relocate.
(time passes)
4. What? Your parents are bossing you around? Stop their abuse immediately by calling 9-1-1, or find your local Child Protective Services by dialing 555-1212.
(time passes)
5. Yes, if you’ve turned 6, unfortunately you are required to attend school. However, you retain the right to enroll under your chosen name and gender. Not sure what a “gender” is? Have someone who can read look it up for you in the dictionary. Be sure to ask for the most recent definition.
(time passes)
6. Why, of course the other sex can use your school bathroom. If you wake up one morning wishing you were their sex, you can use theirs, too, so that makes it fair.
(time passes)
7. Yes, a dictionary is one of those big, thick books with all those big, long words in them. They have them in libraries, sometimes even in schools.
(time passes)
8. No, now that you’re approaching puberty, your parents cannot restrict your right to free contraception, sex with the partner(s) of your choice, all-night drug parties, or abortion. If they persist in interfering, you can sue them.
(time passes)
9. No, the bagperson cannot put your purchases in a paper bag. No, the bagperson cannot put your purchases in a plastic bag. And, no, we do not know what the question “Paper or plastic?” means.
(time passes)
10. Yes, we are fully aware you have reached your 66th year. Happy birthday. But what do you mean, “Medicare”?
(time passes)
11. Sorry, we do not know who this “George Orwell” entity is. We do not know who this “God” entity is, either. What kind of database have you been accessing to encounter these keywords?
(time passes)
12. We have enjoyed serving you. However, our records indicate that you are now approaching the end of your useful shelf life. Oh? You were not aware you had a shelf life? Please click HELP if you need further assistance, which you apparently do. Otherwise proceed directly to html:// or dial 1-866-IAM-COOKD for further instructions. Have a nice day.

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