“Thank You More Than You Will Ever Know!”

Posted: November 25, 2013 in biology, Christianity, Evilution, evolution, home school, home schooling, homeschooling, schools, Source: Marylou's America

SCIENTIST BILL NYE isn’t one to mince words about his views on creationism and evolution. The former host of the “Bill Nye the Science Guy” television program recently weighed in on the debate in Texas surrounding public school textbooks, calling it “a very serious matter” and stating that young earth creationism shouldn’t be taught to schoolchildren. – Billy Hallowell, The Blaze (more…)

Thanks for outing yourself, Professor Bowtie.
How fondly I recall my (required course) college Biology 101 instructor, who told the class on the first day (loosely quoted from memory): “I realize some of you do not want to be in here because you are creationists, and that is all right. Just understand that a lot of people base their worldview on evolution, so it is important that you learn their frame of reference so you can understand how they think and what they are saying.”
He never let on if he was a Christian or what his beliefs were, but because of him I never hated that class, which I had previously dreaded taking. It’s been 30 years so I don’t recall his name, but sometimes I really miss him now.

But actually, one of the proudest moments of my life was the day my son came home from high school after the first day of his freshman biology class. “What did you learn today?” I asked in my usual debrief-and-deprogram strategy (we couldn’t afford Christian or private school so I had to get my information this way) while trying to maintain a casual demeanor. “We learned about evolution,” he said. “Well,” I asked, “What do you think about it?” “Mom,” he replied, screwing up his face with all the 14-year-old earnestness he could muster, “I thought it was A CROCK!”

Two things I learned that day: One, yes, in the scary no-man’s-land of raising the younger generation, I actually must have done something without messing it up and now could bask in the refreshing shade of accomplishment, at least on that topic, for all eternity. And, two, the kids are going to be ALL RIGHT!

And nothing and no one can ever take the triumph of that moment away from me. Even today, I thank you so much, Son. Thank you for validating all the hope I had invested in you, and thank you for having the courage to think for yourself, even with the whole world telling you that you are wrong. Thank you for showing what a God-created mind really looks like, even when encased in a fallible human skin. Thank you more than you can ever know!


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