Why are the President and Members of Congress Giving Aid and Comfort to Known Enemies of the United States?

Posted: June 25, 2013 in "Religion of Peace", America, benghazi, Islam, jihad, Obama, war on terror

LET’S RECALL THAT U.S. EMBASSY SECURITY was supplied by the little known, Blue Mountain Group, a British firm who, essentially, subcontracted to a Libyan Security firm, manned largely by former Libyan Rebels who were, infiltrated by Al Qaida and who were carrying weapons without ammunition per US mandate!

Why isn’t Congress asking the right questions about Benghazi? Why are they so easily distracted, almost hopefully so, from the single investigation that could bring it all crashing down?

Benghazi is the lynch pin in this Administration’s perverted wagon train of deception and following ill-conceived battle strategy; take out Benghazi and every single related foreign policy venture becomes questionable. – <em>John Bernard, Family Security Matters (more…)


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