Why Israel Is Losing the Internet War

Posted: June 16, 2013 in "Religion of Peace", antisemitism, Islam, Israel, jihad, war on terror
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ISRAEL IS LOSING THE INTERNET WAR for chiefly the same reason that France and Poland fell early in World War II. Israel is fighting a new war using old methods. The end results are predictable and devastating. … Hundreds of videos of Muslim outrages should be distributed daily. Fortunately, these are not hard to find. Many times, the Muslims upload the offensive boastful videos themselves. Millions of emails should be sent out daily linking to these videos. … We need images, not the musings of Rashi. Graphic images! Lots of them! Daily! Hammer the point home! When the media screams foul, redouble the effort. – Mike Konrad, American Thinker (more…)


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