Why the West Loves Lying to Itself About Islam

Posted: July 11, 2012 in "Religion of Peace", America, Islam, jihad, Obama, war on terror

WE RARELY KNOW A THING FOR WHAT IT IS. For the most part we know it only for what we want it to be.

Most people project their own desires and motivations on to others. Americans assumed that Muslims just wanted democracy, free enterprise and apple pie. Most insidiously, the left likes the imaginary world that that it has created.

The longer the fraud goes on, the more impossible it is for them to admit that they were wrong. What could have been tossed out after a year is an article of faith after twenty and undeniable after forty. To admit that you made a mistake right away is bearable, but to admit that your policy for generations has been utter moon-baked lunacy is inconceivable. – Daniel Greenfield, Sultan Knish (more…)


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