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OVER HALF OF COLLEGE GRADUATES ARE UNEMPLOYED. Of the under 50 percent that are employed, another half are working base level jobs that don’t require college degrees or the heavy burden of degree debt. That means something like 1/4 of college graduates actually have any chance at all of working at a job based on their degree. And the actual numbers are probably even worse.

But fear not… there are three occupations with openings for college graduates. Two of them are in education. Which means that we are investing in education in order to create education jobs for the graduates we created.

We need more college graduates so they can get jobs teaching college graduates to get teaching jobs. This is an economic setup that is entirely self-contained. We could just as easily build a factory that makes boxes that are shipped to another factory that pulps the boxes and then ship the pulp back to the first factory to turn them into boxes. Except this is even more senseless. – Daniel Greenfield, Sultan Knish (more…)


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