Posted: April 17, 2012 in 2012 election, America, Iran, Islam, jihad, Obama, obamacare, Right to Life, Source: Marylou's America

NEWT’S SUPPORTERS LOVE HIM for the exact same reason his detractors hate him: because he is such a fighter. It drives them nuts that he doesn’t throw in the towel, doesn’t slither away from difficult situations and, like a bulldog with a bone, just chomps down harder when the going gets tough. Like a bulldog, he continues to hang on against a much better-financed rival, because he thinks content is more important than suavité, what you are today is more important than mistakes you made 20 years ago and being right is even more important than being president.

Simply put, the Republican primary has come down to a choice between a bulldog and a bowl of mush. Despite warnings from the Republican “moderates,” I seriously doubt that a bowl of mush, even one with a bottomless bank account, is really more electable than the arrogant, corrupt regime we have now. – Marylou Barry, WND (more…)


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