Posted: March 31, 2012 in eligibility, Obama

By Marylou Barry

A “coup” – or coup d’état – is the seizure of a government, or a government having a seizure, which is how you can tell it from a “coupe” – or coupe de ville – a vehicle used to take you for a ride. Oh, wait …

The bad trip to nowhere

For over three years now our government has both been having a seizure and taking us for a ride, so it’s hard to decide how to spell it. Worse yet, we don’t know why the accelerator seems to be stuck, how come the emergency brake doesn’t work or what we have to do to make it stop.
We also don’t know who that guy is up front with his hands on the wheel. He has few driving skills, fewer forms of identification and apparently no vehicle registration, but only one cop in town has shown any interest in pulling him over – and that cop isn’t getting very much cooperation.

Who sent the carjacker on this mission, really? He may be the wheelman but he surely didn’t plan it all by himself. Whoever did the planning and engineered the cover-ups might not have been clear three years ago, but you’d think we would have figured it out by now. Well, we haven’t. A lot of people must know – politicians, judges, Old Media talking heads – but none of them are telling, and perhaps for good reason.

“Three can keep a secret if two are dead,” Benjamin Franklin said. But he was wrong. Apparently it takes a lot of people to keep a secret as big as this.

A Muslim masquerade?

Citing his duplicitous bow to the Saudi king and inaugural apology tour to the Middle East in 2009, many armchair analysts have assumed Barack Obama is a closet Muslim. A plethora of other apparent gaffes have fueled this speculation, like needing useful idiot George Stephanopoulos to cue him that his religion was Christian, not Muslim, and referring to our “57 states” when that’s actually the number of states the Muslims claim – at least counting the mythical kingdom of Palestine they keep trying to carve out of the Jewish heartland.

Come on, now. Have you ever been so tired that you didn’t know how many states there were or what religion you belonged to? Those had to be deliberate shout-outs, and not very subtle ones at that.

A communist caper?

Others, based on the political orientation of his friends, mentors, family members and congressional voting record, lean to the communist theory instead. This probably is the more tenable position, given that past behavior is usually the best predictor of future behavior. Also, a communist pretending to be a Muslim pretending to be a Christian might at least have a motive for such split-level identity – to simultaneously ingratiate himself with both conservative voters and oil-producing nations. On the other hand, why would any Muslim in his right mind pretend to be a communist? Communists are the very people who have had to pretend to be anything but communists in order to win elections ever since World War II.

Dancing with the devil?

There is another option.

The Book of Revelation tells the metaphorical story of a character called “the Beast” who gets his kicks trampling down civilizations and killing people, and his sidekick “the Whore of Babylon” who rides the Beast while tightly holding onto his reins. This apparently seamless arrangement continues until the Beast finally tires of it, throws the Whore off and tramples her along with all his other victims. Is there a parallel here to the current alliance between what seem to be polar opposites: international Islam and the international political left? If so, which of them is the beast and which is the whore? It’s hard to be sure yet, but when either communism or Islam finally goes flying out of the saddle and lands under some nasty, destructive hooves, I imagine that ‘Mystery’ will be cleared right up.

How we got here from there

We got here from there in November 2008 when the gullibility of American voters reached critical mass, and they elected a man they knew nothing about to protect them from enemies they did not even remember they had. Decades of paying the media to do their thinking had taken its toll and, somewhere between episodes of “American Idol” and “Desperate Housewives,” they got bored with real life and settled into a fantasy world instead. When they woke up, they were hurtling down the highway to destruction with more wars, deeper debt, fewer jobs, less freedom, rationed health care and a messiah-turned-narcissist at the wheel who had lied about the hope, just not about the change.

And that’s been enough to leave many passengers in the back of that coupe d’état feeling more than a little carsick.


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