“CANDIDATES TRADE BLOWS” one headline reads. Well, they weren’t particularly hard blows. Apparently all participants have resigned themselves to losing the state to Mitt Romney who is favored in that liberal stomping ground with a 42% poll rating.

Romney, apparently feeling more need to blend in with the conservative pack than to compete with them, said little controversial. Ron Paul, on the other hand, tried to initiate debates with everyone except, inexplicably, frontrunner Romney. When he accused Newt Gingrich of dodging the draft during Vietnam, Gingrich denied this, saying he was married with a child so was never called and never applied for any deferment. Rick Santorum distinguished himself by clearly identifying the enemy as radical Islam, not just Al Qaeda or the Taliban, and Gingrich agreed. No one else commented on this.

Rick Perry set himself apart, and possibly slit his own political throat, by contending that we ought to send troops back into Iraq.



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