Feral youths

Posted: August 13, 2011 in America, Europe
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THE WORLD HAS BEEN RIVETED by the riots in London over the past week. The degree of lawlessness, violence, looting, assault, arson, murder and every other conceivable vice has been appalling. Centuries-old buildings have been gutted. Innocent people have been killed.

WHY DO THESE ANGRY FERAL YOUTHS have “nothing to do”? It’s simple: They’ve been spoon-fed government entitlements for their entire lives. They have no skills, no education, no motivation, no aspirations. Since they’ve never had to work for what they needed but instead have received everything for free, they have nothing to do.

IT IS DIFFICULT FOR THESE FERAL YOUTHS TO FIND JOBS because no one will hire them. Employers are kind of fussy about requiring employees to show up on time, be dependable, dress appropriately, have clean language and otherwise demonstrate a work ethic. Feral youth seldom have a work ethic. They were not raised with one. Therefore they have nothing to do but riot when the opportunity presents itself. – Patrice Lewis, WorldNetDaily (more…)


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