Why airport security doesn’t work

Posted: November 25, 2010 in "Religion of Peace", America, gun control, Islam, jihad, Obama

In the 1930’s most Europeans did not like hearing that they would soon have to fight another World War. All educated and moral people back then knew that wars were bad. The “real enemy” was the government and the capitalists who wanted to make the working class fight another war. So they denied it for as long as they could. Until the enemy was at their gates and the bombs were falling on their cities. Their politics blinded them to the threat. Just as they blind us today.

We weren’t attacked by boxcutters in 9/11. We were attacked by Muslims who were acting in the name of Islam. They were not lone gunmen. And their creed goes beyond a few men living in caves in Afghanistan. They did what they did, because their religion and their bible commanded them to do it. This is the enemy. – Daniel Greenfield, Sultan Knish


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