What Part of ‘Everlasting Possession’ Does This Man Not Understand?

Posted: November 1, 2010 in Israel, Theology
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Because I’m not a member of his church, perhaps I shouldn’t let it bother me that the archbishop has taken it upon himself to proclaim that the Bible is wrong and the Jewish people are no longer chosen by God, especially since my Bible doesn’t say anything of the kind. But it does bother me.
It bothers me because it is a blatant contradiction of at least a dozen perfectly clear verses in the Holy Scripture, which the Catholic Church – both Greek and Roman – claims to uphold as the Word of God. It bothers me because it’s impossible to tell if the pope, the head of the entire Catholic Church, backs the archbishop’s statement or not. And it bothers me, well, because it seems to bother so few other people. – Marylou Barry, American Thinker (more…)



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