Barack Obama, the ground zero mosque and pop-cultural illogicality

Posted: August 20, 2010 in America, jihad, Obama
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In fallacious argumentation one builds a straw-man because straw-men are so very easy to knock down. The logically fallacious tactic is to not deal with an issue but to caricature an issue, watering it down, misrepresenting it, etc., so as to build an target that is easy to discredit. In other words; consider an issue, realize that your opposition—your pseudo-defeater—is weak, redefine the issue to fit your weak opposition, restate the issue according to your redefinition, offer your response to the watered down version, consider yourself victorious. Yet, you have only succeeded in arguing against yourself; against your redefinition, and not the issue itself. – Mariano Grinbank, True Free Thinker (more…)


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