Saudi cleric calls for Muslim housemaids only

Posted: July 27, 2010 in "Religion of Peace", Islam

Sheikh Yusef al-Ahmad, a lecturer at Saudi Arabia’s leading Islamic education institution, has said that the estimated 10 million foreign female housemaids in Saudi Arabia should be Muslim, be accompanied by male guardians from their home countries, wear hijabs while doing their housework, and not enter the rooms of their Saudi employers or serve them.

He did not specify whether or how much the guardians would be paid for their presence, or how the maids were supposed to get any manual work done while wrapped up in sheets. He also did not explain who was supposed to wait on or clean the rooms of the male home owners who were paying the housemaids’ salaries.

Good thinking there, Mr. Saudi cleric. Let the fascist pigs clean up after themselves and let their wives and daughters get the maid service. For a lecturer you certainly shot yourself in the mouth that time, didn’t ya, buddy? – Zawya (more…) via The Religion of Peace


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